Education Centre

In collaboration with Architects Without Borders (AUG), we have designed an education center that will be built on our property in Kenya. Here, we will operate and enhance our education program to be even better and more extensive. We also plan to develop our own sports program. The center will be an open and secure learning environment for Maasai children in the surrounding area, contributing to providing more children with the opportunity to attend school and participate in sports. Additionally, we will have a dedicated program working to strengthen girls' rights and opportunities in life.

Unfortunately, in Maasai culture, it is not uncommon for young girls to undergo circumcision and be married off at an early age. Ensuring education for young girls in the area is absolutely essential to prevent early marriages and circumcision. To bring about change for young Maasai girls, it is crucial to conduct awareness campaigns among their families and their local community. This will be a significant focus area as a part of our core mission as an education center, namely providing opportunities and freedom through education.

The goal of building the education center is to reach more children in the area, strengthen our education program, systematize and enhance the work on the rights and opportunities of Maasai girls, and establish a sports program.

If you wish to contribute to the realization of our construction project, please contact us via email:


Before commencing the construction of the education center, we plan to build a large well on our property. Clean water is a basic human right. The families of the children supported by Mara Action Aid have to travel long distances to access water, and there is no guarantee that the water they collect from the river is safe. Our organization also lacks easy access to clean water that we can provide to the children. A well on our property will make a substantial difference in ensuring access to clean water for our organization, the children, and their families.

We will begin the construction of the well in May 2024.