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In the fight for a more fair and more equal world for children and young people living in extreme poverty.


We work to improve the lives of Maasai children and youth through financial support, ensuring access to education, and addressing fundamental needs. Situated on our property just outside Narok in Kenya, our education and activity program aims to create a daily life for Mara's children characterized by learning, play, and care. We provide education, cover basic needs, and strive to empower them with genuine opportunities for a brighter future


Our work is driven by volunteerism and commitment, where 100% goes directly to our work in Kenya. Remaining expenses (administrative in Kenya) are paid by specific sponsors and the board itself.

100% of the income goes directly to the purchase of food, school fees and other necessary resources that support our purpose.

Projects 2024

We're building our education center!

In collaboration with Architects Without Borders, we have designed our education center. This center will serve as an open and secure learning space for Maasai children. The current education and activity programs on our property will be relocated here in the future. The education center aims to provide a safe environment for learning and play, create opportunities for girls, and contribute to empowerment in the local communities. Here, we will work daily to give children a safer and better life while enhancing their educational opportunities.

Through a focused effort on education and empowerment, we aim to shape a society where every child has the opportunity to realize their full potential, attain an education that can lift themselves and their family out of poverty.
Would you like to contribute to the realization of our construction project? Contact us.