Mara Action Aid is a voluntary organization registered in the entity and voluntary register, April 2020. The organization was founded by Emma Helgesen Sandvik from Arendal, in collaboration with Paul Nyang´Owo Otieno from Kenya. Our founders were both residents in Kenya before the organization was originally registered in Norway. Our chairman then bought a plot of land of 8,093 square meters in Narok, Kenya which is now given as a gift to the organization and will thus always be used for our purpose.

We are working to raise funds for our building project, where we need all the help we can get. Contact the organisation's managing director, Emma Helgesen Sandvik, if you find our work interesting and want to take part in our building project, make a contribution or become a partner. If you would like a meeting with Paul Otieno, this will be arranged through the organisation's email.


Phone: +47 413 69 040